Menü Schließen


i was born 1975 in Innsbruck Austria; -raised in Natters; graduated from the academy of fine arts Vienna in 2001; several exhibitions in Austria, Norway, Usa; married – two sons; work as teacher and artist; live and work in Vienna and Oslip / Burgenland – Austria;

my original intention to become a famous pianist has given way to increasing enthusiasm for the fine arts.

During my studies at the academy, in the painting and graphics class with Professor Gunter Damisch, Norbert Wimmer ,Traudel Pichler and Hans Kruckenhauser- I mainly devoted myself to screen printing and etching.

Dealing with printing presses and screen printing systems, and the increasing use of computers, aroused an interest in computer-controlled drawing machines in me. Due to a lack of mathematical talent, I learned the programming, handling and construction of plotters and 3d printers with great difficulty. However, at no point in time could this occupation fascinate me more than pencil drawing and painting have always been.

This is how my mixture of drawing, painting, CNC plotting, animated sculptures and cartoons came about over the years.